Make Your Vacation Groovy By Visiting Switzerland on Schengen Visa

Switzerland Schengen VisaFilled with snow-capped mountains, emerald lakes, glittering glaciers and picturesque landscapes, Switzerland is truly a traveler’s paradise. Located in the Western Europe, Switzerland is a landlocked country that has much to offer for travellers who wish to tour during vacation. Its scenic beauty, ski resorts, glossy cities and frosty summits will sweep your feet away. And, its multi-culture, friendly people and eloquent charm will give the best experience to its visitors.

Switzerland- An Unparalleled Tourist Destination!

There are many beautiful places to visit in Switzerland. Few of them include the Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva, Ticino, Liechtenstein and the Swiss heartland. And, the rolling green hills, rivers and the mountains add a spice to visit. The famous places of Switzerland include Bern the capital and the ancient city, Zurich the economic centre, Chur one of the oldest cities, Basil the industrial city, Neuchatel the yellow city, Geneva the cultural city and Brig the snow destinations. People who wish to visit Switzerland must visit the places mentioned above to enjoy their trip to the fullest. Bestowed with many mesmerizing and romantic places, Switzerland is a replica of heaven on Earth.

Switzerland Schengen Visa

Individuals who wish to visit must apply for a Switzerland Schengen visa. If you are planning to visit Switzerland from India, then you need to obtain a Schengen or tourist visa before entering the country. Certain people who hold a work visa or permanent visa of any European country with a validity period of minimum six months can visit Switzerland without obtaining a tourist visa.

Pre-requisites of Switzerland Schengen Visa

If you are applying for a Switzerland Schengen Visa, then you need to meet certain conditions such as:

•    Purpose of trip should be general or visiting friends or family members

•    Hold adequate funds to meet the expenses during your stay in the country

•    Clear criminal records

However, you are not required to engage in any paid work activity. So, if you follow all these instructions, then you can get Switzerland Schengen Visa easily.

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