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The federal government of Switzerland wants to keep a keen eye on immigration
Posted on: 12 Mar 2013  |   Tags: ,

The federal government of Switzerland wants to observe the impact of immigration and the development closer to study the impact it has on the society of Switzerland. The Federal Council has an interdepartmental steering group to closely watch the development regarding this. After weighing the pros and cons the federal government may decide on the new policies of immigration. The Director of the Federal Office for Migration, Mario Gattiker, will lead the group, such as the Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) which was announced on last Friday. The group will observe a selected number of years of immigration and analyze how the immigration has impacted on the labor market, the housing market, social security or education and other sector. They will analyze whether Switzerland has benefited from immigration or not. Whether it was necessary to seize the Federal government to take concrete measures, writes the FDJP. The goal is to grow by a coordinated response to take on the challenges. Represented in the group are Secretaries of State, federal offices and agencies. The cantons, cities and municipalities have to be included. The group will get into the root causes effected my the immigration process in Switzerland.

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