Switzerland Offers High Standard of living |Migrate to Swizerland

Switzerland does offer high standard of living in the world.  It also has fiscal and political stability as well excellent medical care in locations which are picturesque in Europe Center.  Do you wish to migrate to Switzerland, contact best immigration agents who can help you to process your visa.

Many wish to Settle In Switzerland, as there is a system where they pay tax each year which is flat, it does not matter as to how much they earn and they need not report their income as well as assets.

We also find most individuals who are interested to become Swiss resident but tend to feel afraid  while asking below questions such asSwitzerland-Work-Permit

  • Who is eligible to become resident of Swiss
  • How much amount of money is required
  • Is it comparatively easier to come from EU nation
  • How much amount of tax they need to pay

Switzerland Residency Visa

Almost everyone including nationals belonging to EU do require residency visa if the individual’s stay in this nation does exceed more than 3 months. In an effort to restrict immigration from non EFTA/EU nations, the Swiss authorities do impose annual limitation Work and Residence Permit offered to foreigners.  Starting from April 2012, quota for residence and work permit quota does apply to employees from Eastern European part of EU. In the year June 2013, this particular quote has been extended to applicants belonging to EU nations. This measure has also helped in renewal on annual basis.

Switzerland Work Visa 

To obtain Switzerland Work Visa, it depends on numerous other factors as to where they belong, skills and quotas.

This particular nation does have dual system which allows the foreigner to work. Citizens belonging to EU (European Union) as well as EFTA ( European Free Trade Association) who are allowed to visit Switzerland for 3 months while they seek work. This period can also be extended for 6 months during their active hunt for job.

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