Switzerland Dependent Visa Supports Family Reunification

Switzerland-Dependent-VisaIn the recent years, Switzerland has been attracting numerous foreign workers so that it can employ them in large number in industries located at Switzerland. This nation expects that in the coming years there would be an increasing need for foreign labor. If you are you interested in applying for Swiss Work Permit Visa,  then wait no further, contact best immigration agents nearing to your area.

Most foreign nationals are free to work as well as stay in Switzerland. However, we find few are required to hold Work and Switzerland Residence Permit. The specific requirement in connection with living as well as working Switzerland does depend on person’s nationality as well as qualifications.

Switzerland offers a pro-family environment for eligible visa holders who wish their family as well as relatives to join them in this foreign nation.

Main Sponsors  Can Bring Their

  • Spouse
  • Fiance(e)
  • Same-sex civil partners
  • Unmarried partner
  • Child
  • Sibling
  • Other relatives

Switzerland Dependent visa allows the spouse, Dependent children to come and Stay with their partner in Switzerland who either tend to have citizenship/Residence permit/work permit.

Documents Required

  • National passport valid at least three months beyond the date of return
  • Covering letter from the applicant
  • A letter from the spouse requesting for residence permit for his/her spouse
  • Marriage certificate
  • Original birth certificates of the dependent children

The Switzerland dependent visa holder is eligible to  live, work, study and travel in the nation. The family members would be eligible to take up employment only if they register with Cantonal immigration as well as market labor authorities.

If the individual is not an EU/EFTA Citizen, then only relatives belonging to permanent residents can come to Switzerland under the family reunification, but temporary residents would require a special permit from their local, cantonal authorities to bring their family to Switzerland.

The dependents who stay continuously for five years in Switzerland would granted a settlement permit also known as Permit C.  Those children who are under 18 receive settlement permit or Permit C directly

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