What are the Requirements to be Met While Applying Switzerland Tourist Visa ?

Switzerland-Tourist-VisaIf individuals are travelling to Switzerland from India and are carrying Indian passport, they should have applied for a Switzerland visit visa before their trip. If the individual is an US citizen then they are not required to apply for  Switzerland Tourist Visa to Switzerland even from another nation, as long as they are carrying valid US Passport, American can stay in Switzerland for up to three months without a visa.For short term stays in Switzerland up to 90 days within 180 day period, the individuals must present travel document that is valid which is recognised by Switzerland.

Schengen visa is a document, issued by the appropriate authorities to the interested party for visiting or for travelling in and within Schengen area, for example,  Switzerland Schengen Visa is issued to travel to Switzerland and also to Schengen nations. . The Schengen area is comprised of 26 nations which have agreed to allow free movement to their citizens within this particular area as a single nation. Of these 26 nations bound by the Schengen agreement, we find 22 are part of the European Union, and other 4 belong to EFTA.

The Schengen area does cover majority of the European nations, except United Kingdom and nations such as Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Ireland and soon to be part of the agreement. However, we find there are nations that are not part of the EU such as Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein yet do belong to Schengen area and cherish the free movement policy.

 The individuals must identify the nature of thier travel to Switzerland.  The document and forms they require for visa from India to Switzerland would differ if they are travelling as a tourist or as student .

Conditions to be Met for Switzerland Tourist Visa or Switzerland Visit Visa 

  • They should apply for a visa with Swiss Diplomatic/Consular Mission in the country of residence
  • They must have adequate funds to bear the living cost in Switzerland and they must not be dependent on the welfare benefits and
  • They should have health insurance policy which includes accident coverage

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