Swiss Visa Program to Reunify Families

Switzerland-Dependent-VisasEvery one staying away from loved ones and family misses them a lot. It is terrible time too, many live in their memories of loved ones for a longer time. People cry, when they become nostalgic when they remember few moments with their loved ones. Students, professionals going abroad, will have the pain of missing the loved ones.  When it comes to overseas education and jobs, many countries have introduced family reunification visa programs and partner visa programs to help the international talent reduce the pain.

In similar lines Switzerland Immigration’s Dependent Visa programs help permanent residents to bring back their loved ones to Switzerland. Temporary visa holders under permit category are not applicable to apply for the spouse visa under dependent visa. In rare circumstances, temporary residents are allowed to apply for the visa.

Only professionals with permanent residency under permit C category are authorized to apply for Swiss dependent visa. Spouse Visa to Switzerland requires a certain set of documents and evidence before you apply for the visa.

Essential Documents:

  • Valid pass port.
  • Covering letter from the applicant.
  • A request letter from the spouse seeking permanent residency for applicant.
  • Marriage evidence certificate.
  • Children birth certificates.

Above mentioned details are rudimentary, in case if you feel the process as complicated ones, you can approach for the immigration services.

Benefits of the Switzerland dependent Visa:

  • This visa allows dependents to travel, study and work in Switzerland.
  • Dependents can work, post registering with the Cantonal Immigration and Labor market authorities.
  • Dependents after staying in Swiss for five years will be applicable for permit C category.
  • Children under the age of 18 are eligible for Permit C class directly.

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