Study In Switzerland Is Very Lucrative For Indian Students

The Students from non EU/EFTA nations should contact the best immigration consultants in their nation and must apply for a Switzerland student visa to Study in Switzerland.

All students who are interested to pursue education in Switzerland  must gather information as well as documentation needed for the Swiss Student Visa Processing.

Among other things, they are also required to submit the proof of registration at the university. The students should be aware of the fact that, the visa application process does take time.

Health Insurance

In Switzerland, we find health insurance is mandatory for varied residents. We find students belonging to a foreign nation, they should purchase their own health insurance policy if they wish to live in Switzerland for period more than 3 months. This does not apply for students from nations which offer international coverage or equivalent protection.

Employment for Students –EU/EEA Citizens  

The EU/EEA citizens who are studying in Switzerland are permitted to accept  a side job for a maximum of 15 hours each week without any additional permit or the notification required.   These remain true, for the validity period of their student permit.

Part Time Employment for StudentsStudy-in-Switzerland-for-Indians

Non EU/EFTA Nations

The citizens belonging to non-EU/EFTA nations do have specific restrictions to have access the labor market.  We find only a restricted number of individuals who are highly qualified,  do get admission and  work permit.

Student Employment –Part Time

  • The citizens belonging to Non-EU/EFTA and who are studying in Switzerland are allowed to take up part time employment for a maximum period of fifteen hours each week, but they should have resided in Switzerland for at least six months. The students are also required to maintain student status full time and they should present continuous progress in studies.
  • Exempt: Student having Master’s and having Bachelor degree’s from foreign university and at the same time is working for University or Institute belonging to Swiss should not have to wait for further 6 months.

Short and Long Term Employment

  • Study in Switzerland for Indians, third nation, nationals who tend to earn degree from Switzerland University might stay in nation for period up to 6 months after completing their  graduation in order to seek permanent employment.
  • Candidates who tend to receive degree from Switzerland university would be offered admission facilitated for Swiss labor market . The employers would required to present proof that these individuals would help in adding both, economic as well as scientific interest, to the Swiss labor market.

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    • You must have at least twelve months of full-time skilled work practice in Canada in the three years before you apply, and

      Exceed the necessary language levels essential for the National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill level of your work experience in all every language ability.

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