Studying in Switzerland is Your Dream – Apply Swiss Student Visa

Switzerland University offers a wide variety of exchange programs that allow the students to study as well as travel across Europe and beyond.

If you wish to make your dream Studying in Switzerland a reality, then you need to apply for Switzerland student visa. The Swiss govt is keen to attract international students so the process is not particularly challenging as long as they have right paperwork and apply in time. Studying-in-Switzerland

All students do not require visa hence students’ needs to check whether they require Switzerland Student Visa. If you are citizen belonging to European Union or nation that is a member of EFTA (European Free Trade Association), then you do not require Swiss student visa to join in Switzerland University. The only requirement is that the individuals are required to apply for a residence permit from the local authority within 14 days of arrival; it needs to be renewed each year.

Types of Student Visa for Switzerland

The student visa options for Overseas Students in Switzerland are pretty straightforward. This nation has signed up to Schengen agreement that does allow free movement of people within participating nations. We find there are two visa options for students coming from non-EU-EFTA nations.

The type C visa is for those who wish to choose for any course that is going to last less than 90 days. If you desire to study for longer, then you are going to need type D visa.

The students applying for Switzerland student visa, they need to have a confirmation letter from the university and also receipt showing that you have paid your tuition fees.   The students are also required to produce evidence that they have paid amount for lodging that is essential for type c visa. The individuals are required to make sure that the passport is valid for three months longer than the departure time on the visa.

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