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Switzerland has ten cantonal universities and two Institutes of Technology which are considered as federal higher education facilities. There are number of colleges spread throughout the country to facilitate the growing number international students in the country and Switzerland provides with basic courses like bachelor’s master’s and PhD. Switzerland also provides one year diploma course, which corresponds to US master’s degree.

Apply student visa for Switzerland through Opulentus:

Prospective students should apply an application to the higher educational institution of their choice and provide the details of the anticipated course of study. Every student must apply for Switzerland student visa in order to enter and study in Switzerland. The student visa will be issued to the student depending upon the course they opted for which is
  1. Student visa for a course which is for 3 months
  2. Student visa for a course which is exceeds 3 months
Required documents for 3 months course:
  • Online application form signed by the applicant
  • Valid passport which contains at least two blank pages
  • Copy of the personal details in the passport
  • Photographs with meets the Schengen requirements
  • Valid health insurance
  • Matriculation letter from the school/university
  • Conformation of the tuition fee payment and proof of funds or sponsorship details
Required documents for course which exceeds 3 months:
  • 3 application forms which are duly completed and signed by the applicant
  • Valid passport which has at least two blank pages
  • 2 copies of applicants passport which shows the personal details of the applicant
  • 2 copies of the previous Schengen visa (if applicable)
  • Photographs which meet the Schengen requirements
  • 2 copies of Matriculation letter from the school/university
  • 2 copies of Conformation of tuition fee payment
  • 2 copies of Conformation of sponsor in written who will sponsor the applicant with their complete details and bank statements
  • 2 copies of Previous diplomas or certificates
  • CV originals plus copy
  • Motivation letter indicating your benefits studying in Switzerland
  • Signed obligation by applicant to leave after the completion of the course
After the arriving in Switzerland, students will have to attain a residency permit at the local police department, where they will have to carry their passport, acceptance letter from the university, sufficient funds. Contact Opulentus visa consultancy team to avoid confusions in your visa processing and have a hassle free process.

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