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Student Visa for Switzerland

Switzerland - OpulentusStudying in a country like Switzerland is a dream for every aspiring student. The candidate who is applying to study in Switzerland has to satisfy different conditions which apply for citizens who are from a country in the European Union. Read If the candidate who is applying for student visa in Switzerland is not an EU citizen, and then they have to take student visa for studying in Switzerland. Switzerland is one of the 20 wealthiest countries and offers many universities for students for all over the world. Student Visa Student Visa allows anyone to study in Switzerland in different courses. People from different nations have different procedures to follow in order to have student visa. Students from EU countries don’t need a visa while students from all other countries are supposed to apply for the student visa. There are two types of student visas. The C Visa is applicable for only short term courses which last up to only 3 months. The D Visa is for those courses which are long courses such as which can last more than 3 months. One must apply for the courses according to the visa type and vice versa. The students who are applying for Student Visa should have been meeting few requirements such as English proficiency in order to get selected in the school or university, one has chosen. The Swiss authorities will send the entry application, including documentation and assessment of language proficiency to the relevant cantonal migration authorities for their approval. The documents needed to apply for student visa includes passport, confirmation letter from the University along with proof of submission form and fees receipt. The other documents include CV and proof showing that candidate has enough financial means to sustain Switzerland while his/her stay. Other Rules and Regulations The process of Student Visa takes around 10 to 15 weeks and hence it is recommended that students should start the process as early as possible. A student while staying in Switzerland can take a part-time job which must not exceed more than 15 hours per week. Although, a candidate having completed the master’s degree can start working and ask their employer to start their work permit process. Family members of students can’t come to Switzerland while one is holding student visa. The residence permit to student is granted to a student only in the case if they have enough financial proof.   Related Information:

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