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Choose from our variety of services to fulfill your needs for migration to Switzerland. Your reason of immigration can be anything; ranging from starting a new life in Switzerland to just visiting Switzerland for a short duration. Our specially designed service categories will accomplish your purpose of migration.

  • Study in Switzerland
  • Improve your educational achievements by enrolling yourself in the best schools and universities in Switzerland. Study in Swiss educational institutions can be very fulfilling and will enrich you in many ways. Overseas education does appeal to several people and one can seriously think of getting a Switzerland student visa. One can be sure of getting the needful information at Opulentus with regard to the Switzerland Student Visa Information. Study abroad Switzerland concept is indeed very appealing and one must take some time out and visit Opulentus for required assistance.  Read More

  • Settle in Switzerland
  • One can confidently think of settling in Switzerland as several overseas jobs are available which are very lucrative and will enhance your standard of living. At Opulentus the Switzerland Job Assistance will be explained to you well so that you could settle down with a job that suits your professional experience and qualification. One has to get hold of the Switzerland Work Visa to be able to take up a lucrative job, whether skilled or unskilled. To settle one has to get hold of Switzerland Residence Visa, which can be had by approaching Opulentus.  Read More

  • Migrate to Switzerland
  • For a peaceful life and a higher standard of living migrate to Switzerland, a place that has picturesque landscape and fascinating tourist attractions. Opulentus will help you in seeking Switzerland Permanent Residence. No doubt, migrating to Switzerland and settling down in Switzerland would mean that one requires Switzerland Citizenship. Make your plans and book your tickets to Switzerland with the expert guidance from Opulentus.  Read More

  • Visit Switzerland
  • Tourists are eager to visit Switzerland as it fascinates them as a tourist spot as there are several picturesque spots to visit, particularly the Alps. Before setting out, one must get hold of Switzerland Visitor Visa or Switzerland Tourist Visa. To familiarize oneself with visa procedures, one must get to know about tourist visa requirements.  Read More

  • Work in Switzerland
  • One is always eager to improve one's standard of living and work in Switzerland will fulfill that dream of theirs. One has to apply for Switzerland Work Visa as well as Switzerland Work Permit Visa in order to make a living in Switzerland. Those from India can go in for the Switzerland Work Permit for Indians. Whatever visa one may opt for, the fact remains Switzerland is an ideal place for challenging work opportunities.  Read More

  • Invest in Switzerland
  • Businessmen who want their business to thrive can invest in Switzerland and get hold of the Switzerland Business Visa. Opulentus can guide one in Switzerland Business Visa Requirements. Switzerland offers varied opportunities to invest and its economic environment is conducive to business.Read More

  • Switzerland Evaluation
  • One may want to migrate or settle or do business or simply study in Switzerland, but one would definitely have to get hold of Switzerland Immigration Visa. To live in Switzerland can only be possible if one undergoes Switzerland Immigration Assessment in order to qualify for a visa which would permit one to migrate to Switzerland.  Read More