What are the Benefits of Switzerland Dependent Visa ?

Switzerland-Dependent-VisaIndividuals to receive permission to work in Switzerland, different condition does apply for citizens who are from a nation in European Union or European Free Trade Association(EFTA), EU nations plus, Iceland,Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and than for citizens belonging to third country nationals (non-EU/EFTA citizens).

The EU/EFTA citizens are eligible to enter Switzerland but should apply for Switzerland Work Permit. The Non-EU/EFTA citizen do require to get a special residence permit with authorization to work in Switzerland. This does apply whether the employment contract is with a Swiss or a foreign company and whether the work is paid or unpaid. Whether or not you would be offered granted authorization to work usually it does depend on the existing work quotas, education level and work experience and that no EU/EFTA candidate are available for the position.

The individuals must have the authority to work before you enter the nation and  cannot enter Switzerland as a tourist, a visitor or on a business trip and then take on work. If you wish to work you are required to leave Switzerland and then apply from your home nation.

Migrate to Switzerland to work as an Employee

The individuals are required to find a job and once they have secured employment, your employer would submit an application to the local cantonal employment service, who would review as well as then refer the application to the Federal office for migration for the purpose of approval.

Switzerland Dependent Visa

This visa allows the spouse, dependent children to come and stay with their partner in Switzerland who  is holding citizenship/Residence permit/Work Permit.

Switzerland Partner Visa

This visa is issued to individuals who are family members of the Switzerland citizens or foreigners with Switzerland permanent residence/work permit and they intend to go to Switzerland for family reunion or stay for a limited period of time.

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  1. I want work visa for switzerland.. and simultaneously a dependent visa too for my husband.
    Kindly provide the details regarding same.

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