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Switzerland places EU immigration quotas

Switzerland applied its EU immigration quotas on June 1, since immigration has reached unacceptable levels, with foreigners making up a quarter of the population. Switzerland ImmigrationImmigrants from Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic will have the number of long-term residence permits capped at 2,180. In addition, the long-term residence permits for the 17 older EU states will be capped at 53,700 for 12 months. Last, immigration to Switzerland from Bulgaria and Romania is already severely restricted. The Swiss Federal Council used the “safeguard clause” of the 1999 Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons, which allows temporary caps on work permits if the annual influx exceed. On April the Council “came to the conclusion that the safeguard clause is one of several measures which can help to make immigration more acceptable to society and compatible with its needs.” The EU High Representative Catherine Ashton had expressed her regret on the Council’s decision. “These measures disregard the great benefits that the free movement of persons brings to the citizens of both Switzerland and the EU.” According to BBC, the Swiss people do not want to share the EU misery and disrupt their social economy.  The EU immigration quotas aim to help Switzerland to maintain the 3 three percent unemployment rate. Moreover, on 30 May, the Swiss economy grew by 0.6 per cent in the first three months of 2013 and compared with the same quarter in 2012, the national economy grew by 1.1 per cent. Last but not least, the EU immigration quotas were also adopted because of the unstable Swiss property market. The news Daily “The Local” reported that Jennifer McKeown of the Capital economics said that the property market in Switzerland is overheating. Moreover, many Swiss citizens are already complaining about the rising houses prices. At this point we should emphasise that Switzerland holds a different democratic system, compared with the rest of the Western countries. The country’s direct democratic system, resembling more to the Athenian democracy, allows the Swiss people to have their say on many policy and economic issues. Source: http://www.neurope.eu/article/switzerland-places-eu-immigration-quotas

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